Services and Resources for Digital Scholarship

Below you will find a list of common services and resources for digital scholarship and some explanatory examples. Help us understand the current landscape of digital technology in colleges and universities by taking our survey.

3D Modeling and Fabrication
Examples inlcude: 3D printers, laser cutters, Computer-Assisted Design software support and training, circuit design, and 3D scanning.

Application Development
Examples include: dynamic HTML pages, device-specific apps, web-based applications, and custom code for internal project use.

Data and Text Mining
Examples include: data visualization, linked data, statistical modeling, interpretation of results, subscription content and mining (negotiations with publishers for computational access to licensed data sets) and web scraping and APIs (providing and documenting application programming interfaces for DH data, assistance in using other people’s APIs, and/or in compiling data sets from the open web).

Data Management
Examples include: compliance with funder-required data-management plans, help in organizing working data prior to its going to a repository, and documenting important features of data sets.

Database Development
Examples include: schema design, crosswalks between databases, migration of databases to new platforms, and query design.

Digital Preservation and Repository Services
Examples include: persistent URLs, format migration, indexing in search engines, and metadata management.

Digital Scholarship Program Coordination
Examples include: grant writing, grant management, scheduling, event planning, assessment, budget and HR.

Examples include selection and supervision of vendors, establishing standards for particular jobs, quality assurance, documentation of process and provenance, and training and supervision of in-house workers.

Interactive Multimedia Production
Examples include: exhibits, timelines, multimedia narratives, animations, and game development (gamification, game design, production of media elements, digital storytelling, usability).

Mapping & GIS
Examples include: georeferencing historic maps, finding or creating new geographical maps, and geographical information systems to represent spatial and temporal dimensions of humanities information.

Media Production (photo, audio, video)
Examples include: creation of original images, audio, video, and animations.

Project Management
Examples include: connecting resources to outcomes, tracking progress, and defining goals.

Publishing Services
Examples include: support for production of print and online publications, peer review, editorial, marketing, dissemination, revenue generation, information design, and usability testing, metrics.

Text Encoding
Examples include: schema selection, development, or modificaiton; training encoders; quality assurance on marked-up texts; designing stylesheets; and incorporating other schemata through namespaces.

Web Design
Examples include: information design, stylesheet design, content management, designing dynamic web pages, documenting web site structure, usability testing, and encoding.