Announcement: Help the Digital Liberal Arts Exchange Improve Its Ideas on Collaborative Approaches to Digital Scholarship Services

The Digital Liberal Arts Exchange is imagining a collaborative, multi-institutional approach to supporting digital scholarship efforts. As part of this effort, they conducted a survey this fall, and have posted their analysis of this survey at
Based on the this analysis, they’ve posted their current best thinking about how the exchange might operate in a crowd sourcing site at . Their hope is that you would take a few moments to review what we’ve posted there. You can vote up and comment on the ideas that you like the best. You can ask questions and make comments. And you can propose your own ideas for how the exchange they are intending to build could be useful to you, your organization, and the emerging field of digital scholarship.
They believe that the exchange will work best if it is designed through input from the community that it will serve. Please consider spending a few minutes looking around and commenting, and feel free to share this message with any and all that you think may find it of interest.